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Walk Free

When the ground shook in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on Jan. 12th, 2010, the magnitude-7 earthquake left behind an estimated 4,000 to 6,000 instant amputees in a land where there’s little mercy for disability. The Walk Free project is one of Jeff McDonald’s efforts to help those victims and explores a grim truth: In the United States and around the world, the number of amputees is rising dramatically, driven by war, disease, and natural disaster, so our mission is ongoing.

Through the stories of Haiti earthquake victims, Walk Free International explores the experiences of those who’ve lost limbs and the struggle they say is not just to survive, but to build a life worth living. Our role to aid in this struggle so that all can stand tall and walk free to a better life.

A-S-K Amputees Sharing Knowledge

Amputees Sharing Knowledge is a casual gathering designed for people who have had or may be facing an amputation. Friends, family, or anyone else interested are invited. Our purpose is to provide information, answer questions and allow people to share guidance and experiences. If you need any prosthetic devices for whatever reason, give us a call and schedule an appointment. We’ll give you a free consultation and determine the best options. We offer a variety of artificial limbs. If you are in pain and require prosthetic devices, call us today.

Amputee Coalition


Together with our thousands of supporters, the Amputee Coalition is a nationwide voluntary health organization dedicated to ensuring no amputee feels alone and that amputees and their families have the resources they need to recover, readjust, and live life fully with limb loss/difference.

Names You Can Trust

At Atlantic Prosthetic Services, we strive to provide only the best quality prosthetic, orthotic and compression products to our patients. Therefore, we partner with only the best manufacturing and supply companies around to create your custom devices.


  • Sure Step
  • Aspen
  • Diabetic Therapeutic – Aetrex, iRunner
  • Medivein
  • DryPro


  • Ottobock – c-leg
  • Ossur – symbiotic/bionic
  • Medi-liners
  • Endolite
Aetrex Allard aspen benik DAFO DryPro endolite irunner medivein Orthomerica ossur Ottobock protech SureStep Townsend Trulife

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